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Guldborg Playgrounds is a Danish manufacturer of playgrounds and play equipment. Our range is wide with everything from large complete playgrounds to multi-houses, parkour courses and much more. We are always working to develop as a company, so we can be the perfect partner who always lives up to our customers’ wishes and needs.

Guldborg Playgrounds is headquartered south of Copenhagen, where our skilled professionals every day create fantastic outdoor environments and make our customers’ dreams come true. Our professionals know which conditions and factors require extra care.

Safety is a top priority when it comes to playgrounds and outdoor environments, and therefore it is important for us as a manufacturer that you, as a customer, always feel safe and secure with our products.

We continuously develop new products and concepts with a focus on physical activities and motor skills. This means that we are constantly informed about the customers’ wishes, the technological and human development, as well as children’s learning and understanding.

When you choose Guldborg Playgrounds as your playground supplier, you get a partner who helps and advises you throughout the entire process, from the idea until the finished outdoor environment is ready for use. Our skilled playground consultants help you select the products that suit your needs, and that the playground meets all requirements and safety measures.

Contact one of our playground consultants to hear more about your options.

Custom made playgrounds

At Guldborg Playgrounds, the customer’s wishes and needs are paramount. That is why we customize playgrounds and outdoor environments to the individual customer who will benefit from it. We can create everything from inspiring outdoor environments and active parkour courses to architect-designed playgrounds with a focus on aesthetics, quality, and safety.

A playground can be a comprehensive project where wishes, functionality and safety must go hand in hand. Therefore, our playground architects are ready to create creative playgrounds and outdoor environments where even the most universal design must be able to embrace every need.

The only limit is your imagination.

Nature playgrounds of high quality

When you buy a playground at Guldborg Playgrounds, you are always guaranteed the best quality and safety. We use natural materials for a large part of our product range, so that your playground is guaranteed a long lifetime, where the quality of the materials is not compromised.

We use quality materials such as robinia wood, Douglas wood, larch, and oak. When you choose a playground with natural materials like ours, you are guaranteed a long durability that requires minimal maintenance. That way, young and old can enjoy our playgrounds, outdoor environments, and products for many years to come.

Our mission

At Guldborg Playgrounds, our mission is to create inspiring outdoor environments with space for sports, play and learning for children of all ages.

We want to promote exercise as a lifelong activity that should be fun for everyone. That is why Guldborg Playgrounds has a wide range of products for children’s play and activities, so that everyone can participate successfully at each of their levels. At Guldborg Playgrounds, we have a strong focus on product development, so we can always deliver new and exciting products to our partners, which both inspire and challenge the children’s motor learning through play.

Sustainable wood

At Guldborg Playgrounds, a playground is not just a playground. We create playgrounds from beautiful natural materials, which consist of i.e., robinia trees. Our robinia wood is supplied by sustainable sawmills, as we want to create a greener world with a focus on the environment and sustainable forestry.

We exclusively source wood from sustainable forests. This means that no more wood is cut down than the forest can reproduce. This  guarantees that animals and plant life are protected and do not suffer harm.

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