Sale terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Company info:

Guldborg Legepladser ApS. Ulvevej 25. 4622 Havdrup

CVR: 14256644

1. Prices: 

All prices are excluding VAT.

2. Current conditions:

The terms below apply to all deliveries from Guldborg Legepladser ApS. The terms and conditions apply in the absence of any other written agreements between you as a buyer and Guldborg Legepladser ApS.

Guldborg Legepladser ApS is a manufacturer of playground equipment and operates exclusively B2B for dealers of playgrounds in DK and Europe.

Terms and conditions are valid from 01.05.2022

3. Complaints and duty to investigate:

Buyer must conduct a thorough investigation of the product or service delivered. Buyer is obliged immediately to complain about defects that may be identified by such an investigation, and the buyer cannot later claim defects that could have been identified by the prescribed investigation.

The same applies if the buyer later fails timely to complain about defects noted. Claims resulting from defects and delay must be made in writing and must be done immediately upon detection of defaults. Complaints of defects must include an explanation of the deficiencies nature and the errors Guldborg Legepladser ApS or Guldborg’s employees may have been guilty of.

For complaints about defects Guldborg Legepladser ApS has the right to control the damage on the site of injury and to conduct investigations of defective parts before Guldborg Legepladser ApS decides, whether the deficiencies remain Guldborg’s obligation to remedy the complained defects or deficiencies. If the buyer fails to fulfill the established rules in this article, he is precluded any right to reimbursement. Guldborg Legepladser ApS assumes no responsibility for indirect losses, including operating losses, loss of time, loss of profit, etc.

4. Shipping:

Shipping costs are paid by the customer unless otherwise agreed in writing.

When the goods are delivered by Guldborg’s own transport, Guldborg has full responsibility that the goods will be delivered intact and on time. Shipping costs according to the order confirmation are valid for delivery throughout Denmark, except islands without a bridge connection, unless the goods can be sent by ordinary parcel post, with no additional costs.

When goods are delivered by post, forwarder or other carrier, the carrier is responsible for the goods to be delivered intact and on time. Guldborg Legepladser ApS reserves the right to choose the type of carrier to be used for each delivery.

5. Ownership:

Playgrounds or services such as repairs and other, remains the property of Guldborg Legepladser ApS until the goods / services are paid by the buyer.

6. Product range and design changes:

Guldborg Legepladser ApS takes reservation for print errors, discontinued items, sold out items, price changes and changes in product range / design.

7. Terms of payment:

Payment must be made to: Jyske Bank A/S. After exceeded payment date, the invoice will be charged 1.5% interest per. month started.

8. Order:

Upon receipt of an order, Gudborg Playgrounds ApS sends an order confirmation. If the buyer has not made a written objection within 7 days of receipt of the order confirmation, the buyer is liable for the total order.

9. Offers:

All prices are excluding VAT. Offers are valid for 2 months unless otherwise agreed between the buyer and Guldborg Legepladser ApS. Specified delivery times must be considered discretionary. Guldborg Legepladser ApS takes reservation for print errors, discontinued items, sold out items, price changes and changes in product range / design.

10. Delivery time:

Delivery times given by Guldborg Legepladser ApS are estimated. Guldborg Legepladser ApS does not provide compensation for late delivery of products or service provided by Guldborg Legepladser ApS.

11. Disputes:

Any disagreements between the buyer and Guldborg Legepladser ApS, which can not be settled by negotiation, shall be settled by Danish law in Denmark.

12. Mounting:

The Buyer is liable for damage to cables, pipes and other substructure installations or delays due to unforeseen things (eg, Greater Stone / Cement or other major obstacles), if no management plans have been obtained before commencement of digging.