Following warranties apply to the Guldborg products


15 years warranty:
– Galvanized structural parts
– Stainless steel components
– HPL components, HDPE panels

10 years warranty:
– Robinia wood essential rott
– Other steel components

5 years warranty:
– Larch, oakand douglas wood essential rott
– Springs for seesaw

2 years warranty:
– Movable metl and plastic parts
– Composite parts (connectors for rods)
– Shade sails
– Polyester hammocks


The guarantee

To be able to present a warranty claim, the costumer must submit documentation that inspection and maintenance has been carried out according to Guldborg Playground ApS’ guidelines. If this cannot be submitted, Guldborg Playgrounds can reject the claim.

The warranty does not apply to wear, abuse and vandalism
The warranty does not cover improper maintenance, normal wear and tear, surface on metal parts, discolored surfaces and other cosmetic defects or failures resulting from abuse or vandalism. Natural changes in wood over time are considered as cosmetic errors.

Environmental impacts
Products installed in direct contact with contaminated soil, chlorinated water, or installed so close to the coast that they are exposed to salt mist are not covered by the Guldborg Playgrounds warranty for any damage caused by corrosion.
Products installed in coastal areas, within 200 meters of the coast, will only be covered half time of the standard warranty. Product warranty in relation to defects caused by corrosion.

The wood
Cracks formed in Robinia, larch, oak and douglas is only covered where the load bearing capacity is insufficient in relation to EN 1176.

Original parts
For the warranty to be valid, original parts from Guldborg Playgrounds must be used.